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They come from everywhere. They go anywhere. We call them friends because we really keep in touch with them, enjoy the places they visit thru their mails, and love the way they travel. Then, this page is a special thanks to them

Des Tcheques sur chevaux mongols

les Tcheques mongols
(Ces 5 la savaient s'y prendre pour acheter des BONS chevaux et du BON materiel, EUX !!!)
Dear Isabelle and Xavier!

wee are met two month ago, before Charchorin monastery, do you remember?

Wee finished our trip throught mongolia at 19th of 9., after two months in seddels. Now, I am sitting at my office and I am thinking about Mongolian country, people, our horses and about you.
Our trip was fantastic, but it isn´t new information for you, you have to know it, like mee!
Wee will prepare website from best of photographies, I will send adres to you.
Your sites are great :).(...)
Good luck, and lot of regards from Ivan, Jindrich and Valda.

Lovely energetic girl met in Ulan Bator, mongolia

Sarah Sheridan, in Pakistan
Dear Eric and Isabelle,
Thanks so much for your emails, I really enjoy reading them and hearing what you are up to. (...)
And the film/tv side of your trip is great. Hey, congratulations for obviously not only having fun yourself but being able to make something creative and interesting out of it! Are you tempted just to keep on going, as long as there are amazing places in the world and your video camera doesn't completely destruct?
How are you finding Bangkok? In some ways its so easy, and then again there are just too many people stuffed in too much traffic to not feel mildly stressed. Riding your bikes in the north I imagine will be very nice, if I was any closer to that part of the planet, I would definately try to join you (even try to keep up with your pace,).
But, I'm in Islamabad, again, trying , perhaps fruitlessly, to apply at the embassy for an Iranian visa. Initially I tried through an Iranian travel agaent, but they rejected my application. Now i'm going to try another agent as well, and say that I'm not travelling alone. Guess I'll see what happens, and in the meanwhile head back up to Hunza.
It's getting cold up there now, not many tourists floating about. I'm actually staying in village with a couple Australian volunteers and trying to help come up with a health survey for this village. I feel very fortunate to be able to spend some time there, in a way its a far more 'genuine' experience of a small part of Pakistan than my usual wanderings. At the same time I'm realising how frustrating working in an aid environment can be.
Anyway, I'll be thinking of you in the warm Thai climate, eating Thai food - its soo good don't you think? - when I'm up north! Hey - I've got to see you film episodes some time.
Take care and get lost in the hills for as long as its fun.

Simone & Arian, from Netherlands, riding bicycles in mongolia

Hi Isabelle, Thanks for your big letter. Sorry to here about your grandmother, I think she will be in heavens and she will see how you are travelling. (...) We love to see the real Paris and to meet you again and have a lot of fun. We tell friends often about you and Eric, how amesing the meeting was. Friends of us (espessialy Arian's) arrived a couple of days ago in Holland again. They were travelling with the two in South America for one year. They were close friends and we are glad they are back again. I hope you have a lot of fun in Paris, despite the funeral... Au revoir, et peut etre a bien tot (with the small heads on the e and o) Simone

Charming young Iranian

Kambiz, charming young Iranian who did his best to help us to record mucis in the middle of the moharran month
Dear Isabelle

You surprised me with your beautiful card. Sorry for that mistake about my email address . Because my email address is (Send me emails !!!). I should honestly say that I feel jealousy when I think about your wonderful trip. I have never had enough time for that. Then write more about it for me before I die!
I am so glad that you are OK. Remember me to Eric. I will be so glad to here from you and Eric.
Yours, Kambiz

Great musician from National Turkish Radio

Tahir, He offered us a magnificent private concert Ankara (music available: click on the british flag / turkey)
Thank you about you letter, I've received your kind letter. I've also said your salute to Aygün,Emin,Selçuk & Uğur.They've also sent their salutes....
I've said that concert will be held on the middle of this october in Paris,but it is cancelled unfortunately,we can maybe go next year.I hope we can organize such a concert with you in your country...
I have some world-music group called as ANCYRA...This name is ancient name of our capital city Ankara.Do you know some people who are interested with such music organizations ?
Thank you also for pictures.I hope your voyage is fine ,how much time did you spend within this journey ? It must be so much time!
I've tried to listen our mp3 recording about Yusuf is good (NDLR cf. Carnet de Bord Turquie), but I think that some problem about pictures. I didn't see our pictures on your web siteIs it possible to put those pictures to web page ?If it's possible I'll deeply pleased... (NDLR : elles y sont depuis).
Please say my salutes also to Eric...
See you again in my or maybe in your country...
Thank you again for your letter and pictures..
My best regards,

Friend forever

From : djmzyh
Vous comprenez pourquoi on vous disait que son nom Chinois etait imprononcable ? C'est le "Gregory" qui nous a offert un accueil particulierement chaleureux a Houhott (cf fin du Carnet de bord inde)
how are you ? where are you now ? I enjoy the time we are together thanks your emails to me, my chinese is Djmzyh GaoJunMin. I whish our friendship last forever.say hello to isabelle

Musique: Urgup, Cappadocce

"Ömer KIVANç"
Omer nous a offert sa musique et son temps lorsque nous etions a Urgup, Cappadocce. greetings from Cappadocia,

Dear isabelle ,
How are you ?
i hope you are fine and happy!
thanks for the fotos, i got them and those are nice pics, but i didn't see my photo in your web page !
from your web page i listened my mp3 file . thanks a lot for that!
i hope to meet you again !
it was nice to meet both of you .
its a small world
maybe one day we meet each other again.
all the best !
Omer Kivanç

Lee Cooper in China

Cooper Strange
Notre charmant traducteur texan aupres des musiciens Dongs (Guangxi, cf. Carnet de Bord Chine)
How's the recording?
Xavier and Isabelle,
I hope all is continuing to go well as you head into Southeast Asia. My research is basically finished, and I begin another semester of Chinese study 18 September. I am really excited about this semester. I have my normal class working through a Chinese language book, and another great teacher lined up for one on one work on my weaknesses.
Please fill me in on where you are and how things are going.
Grace and peace,


The Zhang family treated us like princes in Beijing and Shanghai, and whatever happens, we'll never forget it.
How are you ?
Dear Isabelle and Eric,
(...)In you emails you express your gratitude to my family again. You know, we feel also very happy to meet and entertain you. We are proud of having you as our friends and family members as you look on my uncle, aunt and Yiyi. In that way, the hospitality we showed to you was from the bottom of our hearts. We are glad to know that everything is going on very well with you and your trip is a success. Wish you a good luck in the rest of your journey!!!
One of my family's friend came back from France last week with a gift to me from Fancoise. It is a bottle of perfume. I like it very much. So, Eric, if you write to your mom, please say 'thank you' to her.
The new semester has begun and I went back to school again. The test of interpreter will be held tomorrow
morning. I wish myself a good luck. I hope you do the same!

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